No shmoozing.
No break.
No interruptions.
No distractions.
It’s the ultimate in learning.
Uninterrupted learning.
The power of retzifus.

Mesikus Hatorah offers monetary incentive to Yungerleit and Bachurim who learn uninterrupted, the highest most fulfilling form of learning Torah!

The greatness of those supporting Mesikus Hatorah?

Yungerleit receive $180 after three consecutive weeks of learning a minimum of 2 and 1/2 hours ברציפות during first Seder.

Mesikus Hatorah has expanded to many kollelim including 75% of BMG.

 Additionally, מתיקות התורה לבחורים is now in several ישיבות. This program provides a בחור on his initial entrance into the בית מדרש setting, the most invaluable קנין for life.

Harav Nisan Kaplan: Fascinating Mashul from the Chazon Ish

The real answer to the Covid pandemic – December 2020

Last year’s numbers:


Hours learned Biretzifus

Yungerleit galvanized

“Invest here! Get the most for your money!”
– Harav Shmuel Felder Shlita

Mesikus Hatorah operates for a third of the year –
14 out of 42 weeks of Zman

T’kufas Chanukah

For 3 weeks

Winter zman

Last 3 weeks

T’kufas Shavuos

For 3 weeks

Summer zman

Last 3 weeks

Elul zman

Last 2 weeks

Cong. Mesikus Hatorah | 109 White Rd. Jackson, NJ 08527 | 917.399.6647 | [email protected]
24 Hour Donation Line: 732.272.0771 |

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